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Ascension Activation Healing Session

For nearly twenty-years, Jessie Ayani has made this profoundly activating healing sessions available to students and clients from all walks of life and in many countries around the world. Though she is leading you on a journey through your rainbow body, the healing she is facilitating is coming from the higher beings, angelics and masters who are using your higher self to direct the healing energies.

Your 'this reality' participation begins as you are led on a journey by Jessie but typically takes off on its own as you are released from the earthly plane to astral travel on your own. Of course, you are still connected to your body by the astral cord; you can still hear Jessie and the journey to participate or not; and some feel themselves floating above the body. Still others find themselves deep in sleep with no memory of the journey. Typically these people have needed the energy at a very physical level and their higher self as dispensed with their conscious participation.

What to expect …

Whatever happens to you is perfect. Jessie has no agenda and that is the best way for you to approach the session as well. You can familiarize yourself with her approach to healing and her formal training on The Vision page of this website.

In this reality, you can expect to receive a steady stream of life force (Qi) to benefit your physical and etheric rainbow body components. It will be used as directed by your higher self. In addition, you will receive activation of the entire 12 layers of the rainbow body.

Exchange: $125

Ascension Activation