Deep Trance Shamanic Journeys, Volume One: Pachamama's Child

Booklet Contents

Here are two unique shamanic journeys — the first two in a series of journeys that will take participants to new levels of consciousness and healing. These journeys are tools to accelerate your ascension.

We live in a limiting dimension, 3-D reality. In it we are locked in form, but our consciousness is not. With our consciousness, we can travel to other realms where healing can happen instantly. In these journeys, we will work with the fourth dimension, the unconscious. In 4-D we are not held to form. We and the Earth are ascending through  4-D right now.  It is time to shake loose from form and experience the greater reality.

At its lowest frequency 4-D contains the shadow side of ourselves and the collective — everything we have spirited away into the unconscious because we do not know how to take responsibility for it. In the shamanic work, we learn that taking responsibility for everything that has happened to us (we cease blaming others for our misfortune) liberates us and those we used to blame. It is important to see the lessons, the mirrors that others present to us as service to our soul's growth. However, suffering and pain are a personal choice.

The high end of 4-D is wisdom, truth, intuition, higher self and light body. The way we get to the high end is through the low end. Cleaning out the Ukhupacha, the dark interior world of shadows. When we do this, we find that our beliefs have limited us. In our first journey, we learn to transform those beliefs and in the second journey we are given additional opportunities to release negativity in all of its forms. Do not be concerned if you do not "see" what is happening in these journeys. Some of us are visual, some auditory and others kinesthetic. Be yourself. Enjoy.— Blessings, Jessie

The Journey to Alcyone

On this journey, we work with core beliefs. It is a journey you will come back to many times as your ascension progresses, because it will help you shift your assemblage point. Each of us is a composite of our beliefs. To the shaman, we appear as an organized collection of light filaments drawn from the Universal Matrix — all that is.We have free will and a lot of choice about what we draw into that luminous body. Some of our filaments are low frequency —heavy feeling core beliefs that enslave us to density. Others are bright, high frequency core beliefs that are really serving our growth. All of these filaments (core beliefs) are drawn together at our assemblage point — the point from which we view reality.

For example, Andy had difficulty drawing abundance into his life — in all forms. That included an abundance of money, love, friends, happiness, etc. This is a big issue for many of us. When Andy looked at his core beliefs he found a bundle of filaments which all said the same thing in different words —"There is not enough." That was exactly what his mother had said every time he asked her if he could have something store bought. This core belief is endemic to the generation whose parents lived through the great depression. Andy chose to change that core belief to this one: "There is more than enough in this universe for everyone, including me."

There is a belief at the core of every imbalance in our lives. That is why we have come to belief that "There is not enough," or "No one loves me." If we believe we'll "never amount to anything," we won't. We are our core beliefs. Our filamentous structure creates our reality and we can change it all in the wink of an eye. Our assemblage point resides in the fourth dimension (the mind). That makes sense because most of our core beliefs are unconscious. Before we journey, we bring them into consciousness by identifying them consciously, then we journey to the fourth dimension to break them. We will pull them out of our assemblage point where they appear as circuit breakers (a metaphor) at the center of our filamentous field.

Journey Preparation:

1. Identify the core belief(s) that is holding you back. Try to find the belief that limits your current situation. Listen to the voice that imprinted your unconscious.

2. Chose a simple replacement belief that will better serve you now.

3. You can prepare 2-3 sets of beliefs, whatever will be easy to remember.

4. Seat yourself comfortably, feet flat on the floor. If you are tired, rest first.

5. Pick a quiet time for the journey. Begin track 1 on the CD and close your eyes.

6. When you return, take it easy, your assemblage point is trying to stabilize itself and you can feel a little wobbly.

7. Be prepared to live a new reality. Don't make it too challenging but take it a step at a time.


Pachamama's Child Journey

This journey takes us back to the innocence of childhood and offers us a way to release thoughts, opinions, judgments and emotions that are negative. So much of our energy is wasted on the drama in our lives - drama of our own making. For ascension, the desire of every true shaman, our energy must be focused on spiritual growth. Ascension is our steady journey back to God - the frequency of All That Is. In this journey, we will let the fairies, gnomes, devas and spirits of the four elements heal and renew us.

Sometimes it is helpful to go back to a time when our lives were not so complicated. The exercise with this journey is to see what is happening in our lives through the eyes of our inner child - usually quite comical from that perspective. When we were children we naturally played upon the Earth and balanced our energies, or sought the arms and laps of our mothers, looking for that balancing Earth energy in her. If we were lucky - we found it there. If not, we can find it now.

Journey Preparation

1. Identify the emotion(s) and/or thought(s) that you would like to release.

2. You may need to Journey to Alcyone first to change limiting core beliefs.

3. Journey to Pachamama with me - release your burdens. Pachamama will turn them into flowers, birds, butterflies and whimsical clouds. May blessings abound on your journey home.

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