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Rainbow Body Mentoring

There are a number of avenues for mentoring in the rainbow body work. They are, naturally, geared to your stage of rainbow body awakening and healing. You can consult the Programs menu for opportunities to work with Jessie in circle — and that may entail organizing an event in your locale or traveling to work with her where events are planned.

To Begin …

Attending an Introductory Intensive would be the best possible entry into the work, but Jessie realizes that everyone committed to the rainbow body work cannot organize events or travel to attend an intensive. For that reason you will find an intensive tutorial amongst the mentoring options. Some of the mentoring options can be 'attended' individually or in small group, typically via Skype, or by phone, if need be. Whichever way you chose to embrace this material, you will be receiving the transmitted visual aid documents for touchstone guidance. This material is not conducive to learning with reading materials and visual aids alone. The personal contact, and ability to ask questions and dialogue is important to the comprehension of what is, essentially, Mystery School teaching. You can read over the Introductory Intensive: Part One description to get a broader idea of those teaching goals.

This particular Mystery School teaching begins at the very beginning, at least for humanity, with the creation of our solar system and the earth. Following the cosmic story of our creation provides the deepest possible connection to the story of your own rainbow body's creation, it's capacities and potential. Where are we going? How did we get here? What is the purpose of life on earth? These are important questions for anyone seeking higher consciousness and those questions demand answers that make sense, are applicable to our journey, and link us to our creators and our cosmic future.

But, that is only part the story known quite well to our souls … once remembered. Jessie weaves into this story the deep mystery of the "Fall" of humanity and the great sacrifices made on our behalf to re-align our rainbow bodies, and us, to our rightful place in the hierarchies. You will also find these truths woven into The Priestess and the Magus Trilogy, especially in Book II.

Jessie takes these mysteries one step further by introducing their relationship to the inter-connected development of the fetus, the child, our brains, and rainbow bodies - in evolution and incarnation. This might seem far-fetched for the kind of work you are looking to do so she'll happily remind you that you do have a brain, were once a fetus, then a child, a teen, a young adult, an adult and will be preparing to die one day. You did chose to incarnate and your soul and spirit have been evolving with the great body of mankind for a long time. It does matter to the understanding of your story and the depth your healing. In fact there is little point in contemplating higher consciousness if your ego resists this life-changing material. The ego will, in the end, be taking the most important step on the path.

This tutorial is a journey everyone of us should take to be truly alive on this planet.

Exchange: Tutorial with Jessie Ayani — includes three 2-hour Skype or phone sessions, graphic documents sent as pdf files and unlimited email support throughout the mentoring period. $325

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Intensive Tutorial with Jessie Ayani

To Continue …

With the Tutorial or 'In Person' Introductory Intensive material under your belt, the next step is engaging the work of Awakening and Healing the Rainbow Body. At actual Intensives, this work begins in the middle of the second day. The first day and a half, approximately, is Mystery School teaching, which is also available through the above described tutorial.

This is where the work of healing your life begins, and, in the process, the progressive awakening of higher consciousness. If you have not already read Jessie's Awakening and Healing the Rainbow Body book, it would be a good idea to have done that before beginning. It familiarizes you with terminology, intent, and the whole arrangement and content of your multidimensional rainbow body.

When you are ready to begin the healing work, you will advance to the Awakening and Healing the Rainbow Body Companion Guide, which lays out the work as the first 3 levels of consciousness development, each containing 5 interwoven vital elements of the work; telling your story, working with your personality, quieting the soul's drama, moving past the bondage of addiction, and reprogramming the soul to accept mission and all the gifts awaiting it's entry into consciousness soul, the spiritual mental consciousness level of the rainbow body.

Here is where the actual mentoring begins. In the guidebook you are working with a fictitious group of people, whose shared experience prompts self-recognition. Simply put, each step of the work involves recognition, healing and integration. Only three tools are needed to facilitate this healing. They are tools that transport you to the world of the soul (fourth dimension, the astral or the un- or sub-conscious mind as they are often called), for immediate and lasting healing. These tools, and additional 'other world' opportunities, are contained as recorded Shamanic Journeys on Jessie's three CDs.

With these tools, the reference material in the book, and the practical application in the guidebook, you have all you need to elevate your own consciousness. However, Jessie realizes it isn't easy to keep the momentum going in our super-distracted world, and that many people intent on changing their lives have big questions, unique circumstances and often need motivation to keep the ball rolling. For this reason, she is offering regularly scheduled coaching sessions for the rainbow body work. Since people's needs are as varied as they are, she has designed a number of options to help you out with the work.

Option One: A one-on-one session for one hour or 90 minutes, which addresses specific areas where you need help in the guidebook material. In-person or Skype are preferred for these sessions but phone sessions are also workable.

Exchange: $90 for a one hour mentoring session

Exchange: $120 for a 90-minute mentoring session

Mentoring Sessions

Option Two: Regular one-on-one coaching sessions contracted on approximately a six-eight month basis and covering a single level of consciousness thoroughly. This can always be repeated and, honestly, to do justice to the rainbow body work and your soul, each level of consciousness needs to take as long as it takes. If you repeat, we can always shift levels in the midst of the 8-month period when the work of the present level is complete.

This option, naturally, comes as level one, level two and level three, with the assurance that Jessie has completed, but not offered to the public, the entire program of self-mastery, and will not leave you hanging with level three. Here again, in-person or Skype, are preferred modes of communication but phone will suffice if those are not available to you.

This option offers the most important aspect of mentoring – the building of a relationship between you and Jessie. Her long-term students will tell you that whole worlds of insight open up over time and the sharing of ones life with her. She is intuitive, not psychic. The better she gets to know you and your story, the more she can help. Do not expect 'readings' or predictions, just guidance with your own work. You can chose 1-hour or 90-minute sessions.

With consistent work on your part this could be the equivalent of 3 Awakening and Healing the Rainbow Body workshops. There is no way to predict which level of consciousness this mentoring strategy might facilitate. Your soul is the keeper of that hidden gauge of potential.

Exchange: $825 for 10 mentoring sessions of 1 hour duration.

Exchange: $1075 10 mentoring sessions of 90 minutes duration.

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Option Two Mentoring Programs


Option Three: This option is identical to option two, except that you have arrange to do it together with friends (at least two additional people) as a group. This could be done by conference call or a Skype group session. Larger groups would best be served by arranging the Awakening and Healing the Rainbow Body Program itself. Option Three requires regular 90-minute or 2-hour sessions (your choice) but the cost can be split amongst the participants.

Exchange: $875 10 mentoring sessions of 60 minutes duration.

Exchange: $1100 for 10 group mentoring sessions of 90 minute duration.

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Option Three Mentoring Program

Option Four: This option would involve joining an online group of like-mindeds who are unknown to you. Since the forming of such a group would be contingent upon the application to do so by at least 5 people, it is not listed as an immediate option. Instead, please contact Jessie, who will put you on a wait list for the formation of such a group. In the meantime she advises getting involved using one of the other options or in self-study. The exchange would be based on the group options described above.

And on to Mastery … which requires ongoing commitment to regular depth sessions and periodic in-person mentoring intensives. Jessie sees this level of personal mastery as the prerequisite for teaching the Rainbow Body work as she has defined it. Although, she is quick to say that healers of every sort will find much to share with clients and use on their behalf just from making the work their own. Mastery is the glue necessary to hold the space and guide the formation of community as exemplified by Leah, Chris and Natalie (in process) in the Trilogy books. Mentored by invitation and agreeable arrangement.

You have the option to send your exchange by mailed check (contact us for mailing information), in person, or using our paypal account. As noted where relevant, our PayPal accounts does allow for interest-free 6 month financing on exchanges greater than $100. This will be offered as an option to paypal account holders at checkout. Hopefully you can appreciate our reticence about plastering a banner ad to that effect across the top of this web page!

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