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This page is updated with current produce and grocery items on Thursday mornings. Your ordering window begins Friday at 6am and closes on Sunday at 5pm each week. Produce will be delivered or ready for pickup on Tuedays around 3pm. If you fail to place an order, your account will have a larger balance to spend per week for the remainder of the season but please notify us if you will be traveling.


Available Produce for Market Boxes

Note: Unavailable vendors or items are marked with X

Note: Remember you can always explain yourself in the special orders box at the end of the page.


Jessie's Cosmic Garden

(Non-certified Organic and Biodynamic)

JCG leafy produce is soaked in veggie wash and rinsed - we recommend this for all produce you bring home from store or market. One exception is basil which you can rinse before use.

XCulinary Herbs $2.50/bag

Thyme XOregano
Rosemary Sage
XPeppermint XSpearmint
XDill XChives


Microgreens (nutrient-dense baby greens) Small $4 Large $8

Broccoli Micros sm lg

Vitamins A & C, Calcium and Phosphorous

Sunflower Shoots 2oz 4oz

Vitamins A, B complex, D & E, Calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorous

Basic Salad w/arug sm lg

Vitamins A, B-complex, antioxidants, fiber, iron, potassium, copper, calcium, iron and phosphorous

Daikon Radish Microgreens sm lg

Vitamins A,B,C,E,& K, folic acid, niacin, potassium, iron, phosphorous, pantothenic acid, calcium, magnesium, zinc, carotenes


Fresh Veggies & Eggs

Large Eggs from the Working Girls $7.50 XCurly Parsley $3/bunch
XDwarf Curly Kale bag $4.50 XDino Kale bunches $4- red veined and a flatter leaf
XBroccoli Babies $4/#    


Preserved, Frozen and Prepared Foods ($3 Jar charge if not returned)

Handmade Semolina Egg Pasta $12/# Fettucini Spaghetti Cappelini Jessie's Puttanesca Sauce 2021/Pt $12 Heirlooms, tomato paste kalamatas, anchovies, capers, onions, seasoning
Jessie's Chicken Veggie Rice Soup ((made with chicken bone broth, garden and market veggies, and basmati rice) $15/qt Jessie's Enchilada Sauce 2021 $12/pint JCG chicken broth, JCG tomato sauce, Ancho chili, + cumin,cacao, sugar,other spices, avocado oil, flour for body]
Jessie's Whole Garlic Dill Pickles with a little kick $8/qt 2021 Cosmic Caraway Sauerkraut made with our own cabbage $7/pt best yet - I ate a quart already



Market Picks

From Runnymede Farm (Teri & Arch), Fry Family Farm (Suzie & Steve), Barking Moon Farm (Josh) and Market of Choice.

Romaine Lettuce $5/head

Leaf Lettuce   Green   Red $4 Fry

Runnymende Spinach $5.25/.5#

Runnymede Spicy Mix .5# bag/$5.25

Runnymede Lettuce Mix .5# bag/$5.25

Runnymede Salad Arugula $3.25/bag

Persian Cucumbers $4/#

Green Beans $5.25/# store maybe

Italian Parsley $3/bch

Curly Parsley $3/bch Market

Radicchio $3-5/head

Cilantro $3 ea Market

Red Kale 4/#

Curly Kale $4/bch Market

Collard Greens $4 Josh

Dino Kale $4/bch Market

Living Basil $5/plant TJ

Rainbow Chard $4/bch Market

Green Cabbage $2.75/# Market

Purple Cabbage $2.75/# Market

Napa Cabbage $3.25/# Farmers

Cauliflower $3.75/#

Broccoli $5.25/#

Broccolini $5.75/bch Store

Zucchini $2/# Store

Baby Bok Choi $5.25/# Store

Celery $3/# Store

Cucumber $4.50/# store

English Cucumber $5.25 ea

Red Butterhead Lettuce $4

Bell Peppers   red $5.25/#  green $3.75/# Store

Poblano Peppers $6.50/# Store

Hot Peppers $6.50/#   jalapeño  ceranno Store

Mushrooms $5-6.50/#   White   Crimini

Mushrooms Shittake $20/#

Mushrooms Portabella $10.50/#

Beets $4.25/#

Carrots $3/# Patrick check for 5# bag $13

Bunching Onions $2.25 store

TJ Washington State Sweet Onion $4.60/2# sack

Red Onions $2.50/#

Yellow Onions $1.75/#

Leeks $4/#Patrick

Shallots $7.80/# store

Garlic $12/#

Fennel $3-5/head store

Red Potatoes $2.50/#

Yukon Gold Potatoes $2.50/#

Baby Potato Bag red, yellow, purple $5.25/1.5#

Sweet Potatoes $4/#   Regular   Japanese   Yam

Vine-On Tomatoes $6.50/#

Eggplant $3/# Store

Cherry Belle Radishes $4.00/bch Store

Limes $3 bag TJ

Mesculin Mix $5.25/bag Whistling Duck

Brussels Sprouts $8.25/#Co-op

TJ sack of lemons $3.50

Parsnips $4/#Patrick or Teri

CaraCara Oranges $4/#

Meyers Lemons $3.75/#


Veggie Cartons (Usually Earthbound always organic)

Baby Spinach .5# ($5.25) or 1# ($10.50)

Arugula .5# ($5.25) or 1# ($10.50)

Spring Greens .5# ($5.25) or 1# ($10.50)

Living Green Butterhead Lettuce $6.50/head (root on, long-lived)



The Winter Squash List

$2-$2.50 [fill in how many] more to come



Delicata (about 1# ea )




The Honey List

$24 lg and $12 small

Sweet Clover small large

Spring Blossoms small large

Blackberry Blosssoms small large

Meadow Foam small large

Wildflower small large



COVID-19 Courtesy Fresh Food List from TJ's

Avocadoes bag small (6) medium (4-5) $5.25/$6.50

Persian Cucumbers basket of 5 $4

Frozen Wild Blueberries $4.50/bag (might be out-of-stock)

Kerry Gold Butter $4.50 salted unsalted

TJ Chunky Blue Cheese Dressing and Dip $5.25 (be home to receive)

Cherry Tomatoes (10oz) $3.25 red or 1# mulit-colored $5.25

Living Basil $5/plant TJ

TJ Veggie Wash 16oz $5

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750 ml $11.50 (not organic)

8 oz Lox (smoked thin-sliced wild caught sockeye salmon) $17/pkt

12-pk recycled material 2-ply TP $6.50

See the Market Picks for TJ lemon, lime and sweet onion sacks


Dunbar Farms

Locally grown and processed - all GMO-free - choose bag size

Dutch Butter Popcorn $5/# in stock



Healthy Sweet Treats - Nature's Super Fruit

New Order, Sale Price $6.50

Fresh Raw Del Real Medjool Dates (a lttle stretch on local but close) 12oz pkg $6.50 see their website Del Real Dates for the health benefits - many. Low glycemic caramel-ly treat loaded with potassium and a host of other minerals.



XTerraSol Organics - Williams/ ApplegateValley (Price will be higher buying retail and Hit and miss finding them)

Certified Organic

Pea Shoot Microgreens [ 2 0z bag $4], [ 4 oz bag $7], [ 1/2# bag $10.50], and [ 1# bag $19.50]

Sunflower Microgreens [ 2 oz bag $4], [ 4 oz bag $7], [ X .5# bag $11.50], [ X 1# bag $20.50]

Brassica Microgreen (could be kale or broccoli) 1.4 oz bag $4

Micro Mixes (Farmer's Blend) 1.4 oz bag $4



Additional Local Groceries by Vendor

XBeachcombers (Jim Bonheim) Will go in Spring- Agent at market at much inflated prices - inquire

Fresh Frozen Fish - All in ≈half-pound vacuum sealed packages

Steelhead -Wild Caught by an Indigenous Tribe $13.95/#

Ling Cod $15.95/#

Sockeye Salmon $11.95/#

Albacore Tuna $11.95/#

Coho Salmon $12.95/#

Yellow Fin(Ahi) Tuna $12.95/#

Rock Fish $11.95/#

Halibut $18.95/#

Calamari Steak $12.95/#

Black Cod $19.95/#



Smoked Fish

With the smoked fish your price will be about 10% over the packaged price and should drop this week as we buy direct. These are all current prices.

Merlot wine cured Smoked Salmon ≈$7 packets ($31.50/# for special orders)

East Indian-style smoked Salmon ≈$7 packets ($25.99/# for special orders)

Candied Salmon ≈ $7-8 packets ($32/# for special orders)

Smoked Salmon plain ≈$7/packets ($30/# special order)

Sweet Teriyaki Smoked Salmon ≈$7/packets ($28.50/# special order)

Smoked Oysters ≈ $8/packet ($41/# on special orders)

Salmon Jerky ≈$8/packets ($35.20/# special order)

choose jerky flavor reg hot


Canned Fish and Seafood (more seafood and flavors coming)

Albacore Tuna packed in water $8 for 7 oz can

Albacore Tuna with Jalapeño and garlic 6.50 oz $8.30

Smoked Sockeye Salmon 6.5oz $9.50



Bison Rock Ranch (Mark)

Siskiyou County raised

All natural grass-fed Bison (100% Indigenous Bison) no cholesterol

Ground Bison hamburger $11



XCoquette Bakery - Medford (Denika & Thom) Returning late in February.

From our baker: The breads are best the day they are baked, but fresh bread can be wrapped in plastic, frozen, then thawed two hours, wrapped in foil and warmed in a 300 oven to restore the crust. Croissants can be frozen with some success.


"Bread Over Heels": 24 oz Crusty WW Country Loaf $7.80

Flavored Country Loaf 16 oz $6.50 (press command key for multiple choices)

This week's bread choices:

"Arm Candy" Rustic Baguette $4.25

Rustic Seedy (with bling) Baguette $4.50


Currant Scone with Orange Zest $4.25

Rugelach-Orange, Chocolate and Almond (Box of 3) $6.50

Almond Cranberrry Breakfast Cakes $4.25 ea

Cinnamon Breakfast Bun $4.95

Flat Soft Glazed Gingerbread $4.75

Plain Croissants $4.95

Flavored Croissants $5.75 Choose flavor(s)

Press the command key to make multiple choices, send an email if too complex.

Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti $3.00 ea

Ginger Sugar Plum Galette $5.75

French Almond Cake 6" $13

French Almond Cake 10" $26


Tarts (special order until otherwise noted) not a good choice for our temps now

Seasonal 4" Tartlet $6.50 Cranberry Frangipani likely need quantity

Seasonal 10" Tart $24 Cranberry Frangipani - need order on Wed early

Choose tart flavor(s) Command key for multiples



Hoa Springrolls (Hoa Boefinger)

1 Package with two large fresh egg spring rolls $9

1 Package with two large fresh organic tempeh spring rolls $9 (vegan)

Check your sauce choice

Traditional sweet/sour dipping sauce

Peanut dipping sauce

All Hoa's ingredients can be found on our vendor page. Often using my eggs.

Spring rolls are best eaten fresh as refrigeration can dry the rice noodles. Plan your Asian menus for Saturday dinner!


Novy Ranches USDA Grass-fed & Finished Beef - Grenada (Judy)

1# Lean Ground Beef 80/20 $8 (meat/fat)

1# Ultra Lean Ground Beef 97/03 $10 (not good for shaping burgers)

X12 oz Polish Sausage $10

12 oz Pepperoni Sticks $11

X12 oz Frankfurters $10

X12 oz Breakfast Sausages $10 in stock

Beef Jerky $9 pkg

All other beef cuts are available as special order, list available to subscribers. See bottom of the newsletter for a link.



Organicos Bakery - Phoenix (Allison) may not come to market

All Organic, Vegan, Gluten-free

Organicos bakers recommend freezing the loaf and toasting or warming a slice at a time. This method works quite well. I am buying quantity and freezing the bread to help them out with larger orders - and time saving for me. Not 'in stock' items can be picked up at the bakery since they aren't at the Medford Market. They just need to be ordered on Sunday or early Monday of our cycle.

Seed Bread $9 in stock

Sunflower Oat Bread $9

Raisin Cinnamon Bread $9

Nice Bread! A gluten free white sandwich loaf - great for grilled cheese. $9

Organicos Coconut Quinoa Bread (think about $11)

12" Pizza Crust $5 in stock

10" Pizza Crust $4.25 in stock

Nice White Burger Buns Burger 4-pk $4 Hot Dog 2-pk $4

Sourdough Baguette $5 (awaiting prices on some items but all in keeping with value)


XPennington Farms - Applegate Valley (Whole Family) Out for Winter Season

I can find fabulous pies at Fry Family Farm (organic) and Market of Choice (which may not be organic)


12 oz Pennington Jam $7.80

20 oz jar $11

Choose Jam fruit

Inquire about jams in larger jars and I will shop their market table for you. You do save on volume.


BIG Cookies (≈5")s

Another Cathy Pennington specialty sweet: $2.50 each

Or get a deal with 3/$6.50. Email complicated details.

Hold down command key for multiple flavors



Fruit Pies All flavors not always in stock, if you want a backup flavor send an email or text.

Large Fruit Pie $25

Cutie Small Fruit Pie $6.50

Choose your flavor Pretty hit and miss but can text from mkt

Olallieberries are an heirloom blackberry especially good in pies.

For multiple pies/different flavors hold command key and select to choose multiple flavors. If too complex get the number of each size right and send an email about flavors to sizes.

Savory Pies (wheat crusts, freeze nicely for a quick supper later on)

Pennington's brings a small sampling of pies to the Ashland Market. Chicken can be counted on and the Spinach/Cheese. I can text from market with alternatives. Sometimes they have them in the Cutie Pie size but I'd warn those are mostly crust.

Chicken Pot Pie Large $25.00

Vegetarian Spinach/Mushroom/Swiss Pie Large $25.00

Vegetarian Santa Fe Savory Pie Large $25.00 (Black beans, brown rice, cheese & salsa etc) .

Vegetarian Chili Relleños Savory Pie Large $25.00. If you like Relleños, you'll love this pie.



Rise Up! Bakery - Jacksonville

Widely regarded as the best sourdough bread in our region. I credit great bakers and one wonderful sourdough ongoing culture. Very old-world.

Certified Organic Bread from Jacksonville

Ciabatta Loaf $7.50 Plain or Rosemary

Kalamata Olive Ciabatta Loaf $7.80 not available over winter

Little Applegate Sourdough Loaf $8.20 Sliced sandwich loaf

Sesame Sourdough Loaf - oval loaf rolled in sesame seeds $8.20

Rogue Valley Sourdough $8.20

New World Rye Loaf $8.95 not always available and heavy duty

Rye on the River $8.20 (15% Dunbar Rye flour then 50-50 white/ww) not during winter

Sprouted Multigrain $8.20

Demi Baguette $5.00 check with seeds on top maybe not during winter

Full Size Baguette $5.75 not during winter

Focaccia $8.30

Rustic Levain Bread $7.50 regular $9 L Round wild culture, long fermentation - lg loave not during winter

Teff Bread $8.75 Gluten-free loaf

Rosies Rosemary Rolls Ciabatta rounds $2 ea



Rogue Creamery - Central Point

All local, from udder to plate. Rogue Creamery cheeses are in transition to certified organic with price rises coming.

Link to their website on our vendor page and click on wholesale. You will find a list of all products with a link to each cheese with a complete write up. I've tasted at their creamery and have picked an assortment of fantastic cheeses. Most the blues can be bought as 7 oz wedges as well (or half and full wheels). Once your Cheese is opened it should then be wrapped in paper like waxed or parchment.

Raw Milk Cave-Aged Smokey Blue 3.5 oz wedge $7.50

Raw Milk Cave-Aged Oregonzola Blue 3.5oz wedge $7.50

Raw Milk Cave-Aged Crater Lake Blue 3.5oz wedge $5

Raw Milk Cave-Aged Oregon Blue 3.5 oz wedge $7.50 the 'original'

Raw Milk Cave-Aged Jefferson Sharp Cheddar 8 oz block $10.50

Raw Milk Cave-Aged Mount Mazama Cheddar (Goat/Cow combo) 8 oz block $10.50


Windborne Farm (Jennifer Greene)

Corn Tortilla 12/pk $6.50 (these will be hit and miss, tamales are on)

Tamales made with Windborne Corn Masa $5.25 ea choose spinach & cheese vegan/beans chicken (Vegan for sure try for the others)


Special Requests write-in



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Write in amount.


You will receive a generic order confirmation and recapitulation of the entire store showing your selections. We will email you with any questions and your PMA debit total after orders are placed with our vendors. Thank you for supporting local farmers and producers.



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