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Jessie's Cosmic Garden: 'Top Picks' CSA

Here Are Your 'Eating Local' Options

Custom 'Top Picks' CSA Market Boxes

You will pick an assortment of the week's fruits, veggies and additional local products from our Online Marketplace to equal the value of your subscription box or more or less as the weeks go by. If you want to add more of anything and everything, you can use your Personal Member Account(PMA) to pay for the additional groceries.

Economy Box: $30/week

Basic Box: $45/week

Family Box: $65/week

Note: Boxes can always be shared with another person or group as long as one person takes responsibility for payment and delivery.

A subscription is for a season: For example —Fall Season (September-end of October) is 8 weeks and = economy box $240, basic box $360, family box $520. We prorate new subscriptions whenever you need to become a member. All of our subscriptions include free delivery to Mount Shasta, Weed drop site, group deliveries to Dunsmuir and McCloud and charged delivery to outlying residences (if feasible). Pickup in Mount Shasta, central Weed and local workplace deliveries are popular options.

Subscriptions do not roll over into the next season or into personal member accounts if an unused balance exists at the end of the season. On the other hand, we expect a weekly variability to meet the market box value and welcome big and little orders as needed.

Personal Member Account

You can establish a Personal Member Account (PMA) with us to pre-pay for purchases over and above your box value. It gives you the ability to be spontaneous — to get more of what you need when you need it. It will also allow you to participate in group orders, such as special-ordered, pastured-chicken procured through periodic visits to a more isolated farm. We will constantly be on the lookout for special purchases and can contract with farmers for specific crops. Unlike subscriptions PMA balances roll over into the next season.


All the above options require that you be a registered member of 'Top Picks' CSA. A PMA can be initiated with membership registration or at any time after you are a member. You will find these options and payment methods for both on our Subscribe page.

Our Online Marketplace is the page where you will place your weekly box orders and top up your PMA account. Every week, during which you use your PMA, we will debit it and send you an email with your new balance. Read everything about everything on the site to know all of your options and responsibilities.


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