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Welcome to New Avalon

We begin our journey here, on what will be New Avalon's own home page. We will grow as needed to accommodate sustainability projects from all over the world. Here you will find external links to great websites of interest to the New Avalon community. You will also find internal links to many related pages that might interest you. These pages will all link back to New Avalon and not to Heart of the Sun, making this webpage a site within a site and your entrance and exit point from and to any page on our Heart of the Sun website. In this way, New Avalon spins on its own initiative into the future. As we add initiatives in other areas, we will post links or pages for them on the right side bar, while the left side bar will maintain the Heart of the Sun pages.

I will attempt to keep the page up to date with respect to my community's ongoing self-sufficiency projects as well as my personal projects. I will post other initiatives, and relevant comments about initiatives and projects already up on this site. Please use the contact us page to make an initial connection and then we will be email linked for further communications. Like Leah states to her viewing audience in We the People, this space has no room for conspiracy theories, unsavory comments or lies. We'll let that be our guide and, for now, I'll need to be the filter.




I have just emerged from a very deep dive into our local food movement here in Mount Shasta. It's been intense in terms of volunteered time – taking away from writing all winter, keeping the website more up-to-date, and even threw off my summer gardening efforts (frowned on by the Nature Spirits). However, I come away enriched in so many ways and ready to strike out in a promising new direction that is still in service to local food sustainability.

This new effort requires that I focus all my attention in that direction during March and into April, then continual energetic input year-round. To that end, I am brief here and focused on the new webpages for this effort, which you will find linked above under food security and also on the side menu as CSA. It one alternative to explore for getting local food to the consumers. This project will be up and running late April 2015. I also feel I am working towards a non-profit to support local farms and producers.

I do pledge to get at the writing of the third Priestess and Magus Trilogy book over the winter months of 2015-16. It will be rich with the wisdom gained over the past two years away from writing. I reckon all I've gained will become essential threads of the Main Street USA woven story.

Thank you for your patience and do hope you are engaged in your own way, making our future more sustainable in a myriad of ways.