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Welcome to New Avalon

The call goes out to the Sisterhood of the Sun, the Sisterhood of Light, the Priestesses of Annu, to shine their light on the great unraveling of our dysfunctional systems. I've written about this in the first two books of The Priestess and the Magus Trilogy and have listened to the hearts and minds of those holding light speak out against the fear, bullying, corruption, and the very long list of dark deeds that has become our daily news. And I've heard the great heart-longing of our Sisterhood to explore the many ways we can move the energy into a more viable future. If you aren't aware that we're presently living through the Unraveling, become aware. If we aren't paying attention, the inevitable Collapse will be catastrophic. Our hopes and dreams must be ready to manifest a new reality, we will call it New Avalon, as the old systems crumble. We were born for this mission and it is time.

This Unraveling is personal, social, cultural, and global. We need to face all four of the challenges at once to engage mission dynamically. I've been teaching Awakening and Healing the Rainbow Body for years and continue my commitment to all those doing their spiritual work using this simple and straightforward program. Now, we need to move forward. The Rainbow Body work is designed to be done on its own, in small groups you've formed or alone at the kitchen table in your free moments. I'm going to ask you now to come together with that work well underway to work spiritually and shamanically to bring on mission collectively.

You can read about the Sisterhood of the Sun program with this quick link. I'll initiate the new program in Iowa in November 2017, in Australia in February 2018, in Mount Shasta early summer 2018 and wherever and whenever the Sisterhood comes together to engage the mission — contact me. I will also be working on the third book of the Trilogy, Main Street USA, which takes the unraveling through collapse and into New Avalon. Now, let's see what we can create together to manifest such a future for our grandchildren. The very future of Mother Earth is at stake and this is where our work must be done for this phase of our evolution. Rather than allow her destruction and that of our species, we turn to the hierarchies and the wisest of our teachers in spirit to help us heal and re-create this reality. I hope you can join me. I know many of you are heart-connected to that circle of women in The Lineage of the Codes of Light book. That is no mistake. So get busy on your Rainbow Body work, familiarize yourself with the Shamanic Journey tools and join me to manifest our mission.




A members-only Sisterhood blog is setup and ready to keep those engaged in touch with each other and with me.